Our Mission

Parents come up with new games and activities for their kids all the time, all over the world.  Color Clues aims to network this vast pool of creativity through a platform that enables the direct sharing of parent-created content.  A set of treasure hunt clues dreamed up by one parent can now be used by any other parent to easily create a new adventure for their own kids, enriching childhoods everywhere.

Who We Are

Jesse Foote, Creator

Jesse loves treasure hunts, and was too impatient to wait for his kids to learn how to read before setting hunts up for them, so he created Color Clues.  He has a track record of starting new things (helping with this, this, and this), and can’t wait to start sharing treasure hunts with you.

The team at Daily Drip creates daily continuing education programs, tailored for busy programming professionals.  They also develop great apps with easy user interfaces, and have poured a ton of time into making the Color Clues app work smoothly and look great.

Amir is an engineer with experience in design, analysis, and manufacture of precision electro-mechanical systems, and a background in the fields of controls, MEMS, sensors, actuators, vibrations, and electro-mechanical dynamic system simulations.  He uses a small portion of all the knowledge to design the physical components of Color Clues.

Joel specializes in graphic design, logo design, book design, branding, typography, web design, usability, animation, interactive presentations, photo retouching, photo manipulation, motion graphics, packaging, signage, 3D mockups, trade show booths, and training others.  He is also responsible for the Color Clues logo, character, icons, and our ubiquitous wood background.

Carissa Christner and Jennifer Libert at the Madison Public Library were instrumental in creating the first public Color Clues treasure hunts, and ensuring that the clues and locations would work in the kids’ section of almost any library.  Carissa also reviews apps for kids – you can find her review of Color Clues here.

Color Clues has been shaped from the beginning by countless wonderful ideas from people who have tried and loved the game.  As our user base grows, more and more of our content will be directly created by users like you.