Color Clues is currently in a beta testing phase, to refine the game and gather feedback before moving forward to commercial sales.
It’s free to play!  Just follow these steps and you’ll be setting up treasure hunts for your kids in no time:

Step 1: Download the app

Step 2: Print out the Codes

These are taking the place of the physical game during the beta test.  Just download and print, or draw your own:

>>If you are on your phone and cannot download or print these files, you can get them on your computer at, or enter your email address here to have them sent to you:

Download the files:

Download this pdf and print all the codes you will need for the pre-loaded treasure hunts.

Download this spreadsheet to easily generate codes for treasure hunts you have created.

Download this pdf to print blank codes that you can color in for treasure hunts you have created.

Step 3: Have fun!

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