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Color Clues makes it simple for you to set up pre-loaded treasure hunts in your own home, or create your own clues to match your kids’ abilities and specific locations in your house.

Create engaging challenges for your students that address specific learning objectives. Download treasure hunts from other teachers who are addressing similar objectives with their students.  

Color Clues treasure hunts are being set up in libraries, playgrounds, pedestrian malls and other public spaces.  Find one near you, or set one up!

Watch how the game works:

What People are Saying:

  • “If you are a parent or a teacher looking for an easy way to create treasure hunts ANYWHERE, you want Color Clues! It is good for all ages since the clues are auditory, not written, and the clues are a color pattern, so no reading is necessary to complete the hunt and successfully reach the “treasure.” I give it the highest of recommendations!”  -Kristin Romberg, Educator

  • “Color Clues is an excellent introductory tool for kids to learn about puzzle hunts.”  -Dale Yu, Opinionated Gamers

  • “It is a great game that everyone should try. It has everything that it should have, and everything works out. When I played it, I didn’t know much about it. It is really fun. I liked solving the puzzles. It is awesome.”   -Liam, 7 year-old

  • “Friends with toddlers! My friend Jesse just launched this cool customizable treasure hunting game for kids, which allows kids to follow clues and find treasure all on their own, even before they’re able to read. Please check it out!” -Molly Miranda, Tech Industry, Mom

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