Clue Locations That Fit Most Homes

When creating a treasure hunt, try using locations that will work in most homes. Then make the hunt ‘public’ so our whole community can share in your creativity!

  • Kitchen
    • Under the stove
    • Under the refrigerator
    • Inside the refrigerator
    • In the kitchen sink
    • With the forks
    • With the spoons
    • Under a stray napkin
    • Under an upside down bowl
    • By a cereal box
    • Behind a trash can
    • On a windowsill
  • Bathroom
    • Bathroom sink
    • In the tub/shower
    • By the toothbrushes
    • Under a towel
  • Living Room
    • Under a couch
    • Under a couch cushion
    • On a couch, under a stray napkin
  • Bedroom (specify kid’s or adult’s)
    • Under pillow
    • Under bed
    • Under sheets
    • On bed, under a stray shirt
    • In sock drawer
    • With shirts
    • With pants
    • With pajamas
    • On windowsill
  • Other
    • Inside kid’s shoe
    • Inside adult’s shoe
    • Near the front door
    • Near the door to kid’s room
    • Near the door to adult’s room
    • Near the door to the bathroom
    • On window nearest front door
    • By kid’s favorite book

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